Against boredom

Who is Supermexx?

In the past, Norm L. Gey was a normal, young man. Caught in an everyday life, he walked from one boring day into another. With his unshiny brown hair, his ordinary figure and his suits, Norm was rather unimpressive. But as luck would have it, or let’s just say fate, Norm was anything but ordinary. If you like you could say that Norm was special in his own way. He wanted to escape the uniformity, his joy was infectious, he wanted to distribute the fun among others and in a way, become famous. Of course, every superhero in every story got a special talent. Norm however got nothing special, neither supernatural nor extraordinary. He just got normal skills, like everybody else. But one thing Norm always had: inventive talent, creativity and power of endurance.

So it came as it had come: An incident and an idea, which should change Norm’s future life notably.

It all started on a hazy afternoon in February. As usual, Norm worked in his home office also called “Inventor-Lab”. The inventor-lab was crammed with many lotions, machines and needless stuff, which nobody could use. No one expect Norm. He tried to invent something useful for the whole mankind. Norm thought about inventing immortality, because he already got the necessary lotions and devices. With lots of vigor he made his experiences to good use, mixed essences together, calculated the quantity needed, gave blood and tears to bring this mixture up to some success. In the end, he just had to add a little splash of green food coloring and he would have made it.
But then... everything exploded.

gegen Langweile

The uncomfortable part of this story will be skipped at this point. 3 weeks later: Norm was living in a small apartment, of course just as long as it takes to fix his house and his inventor-lab. What should have been mentioned before: Norm doesn’t work as a crazy scientist in his basement full-time, he is an expert in IT in a really big company. Let’s just say this company rhymes with “Schwal-Smart”. And in the case of these experts, they’ve got little to nothing to do with the outside world. Hidden in their small office, they work silently and explain to angry caller that they just had to restart their computer. Thus, it took a while till Norm noticed that there was something totally wrong. First of all, he should have noticed that most of his co-workers were absent. Then there was litter all over the place, not just at work but on the streets, too. And the best hint for this case could have been the policemen, who stood on one side of the street, in one hand a burger, in the other one a blunt. But all of this was no hint to Norm. At this point in his story, Norm wanted to complete his elixir. The first thing that finally got him out of track was the television program. It was the fifth time now that the same episode of the Bachelor was broadcast! It looked like no one wanted to take care of the program, how weird was that? When his best buddy Al didn’t show up on Wednesday, he got suspicious. Al never forgets their World-of-Warcraft evenings…

In the beginning of March, Norm was sitting in his small and crammed living-room and chew it all over. “Since my accident everything is different…” he said and pet his cat Dull absent-minded. Dull is a fat, old male cat, which didn’t do anything else than sleeping, eating and getting on top of other cats. Different was exactly the right word. Now Norm began to review his last weeks. There was no business as usual, everyone just did what they had to and nothing more. “Could this all be linked to my accident?” Dull meowed dolefully, turned its back on him and rolled up into a ball.

In the following days, Norm watched his surroundings very carefully. The idleness of everyone attracted his attention more and more. Some kind of “chronic aversion” was on the start. Unconsciously Norm began to make up a plan. This boredom could have been released through his explosion, in which some poisoned material got into the atmosphere. It’s not impossible, is it?! Even though it wasn’t his fault, he wanted to do something about it. And what would be more appropriate in these days than the world-wide-web? Thank God Norm’s an experienced IT specialist and knows how to handle with the difficult language of the internet. So it was easy for him to create a website and put it online. After a few days of hard work, the first version of his website was online: It should be possible there to post funny, crazy and even weird tasks on this website, with which the tedium could be fought. This all happens interactively, not only the Troopers (Norm’s name for the admins) are authorized to put up new tasks. Everyone who feels like doing it can join.

And so it happened that an unimposing and dyslexic guy created a website which should help to fight against the evil intrigue of the boredom and drabness of a day.

Supermexx – Kill thetedium!